interface RTCTrackEvent {
    AT_TARGET: number;
    BUBBLING_PHASE: number;
    CAPTURING_PHASE: number;
    NONE: number;
    bubbles: boolean;
    cancelBubble: boolean;
    cancelable: boolean;
    composed: boolean;
    currentTarget: null | EventTarget;
    defaultPrevented: boolean;
    eventPhase: number;
    isTrusted: boolean;
    receiver: RTCRtpReceiver;
    returnValue: boolean;
    srcElement: null | EventTarget;
    streams: readonly MediaStream[];
    target: null | EventTarget;
    timeStamp: number;
    track: MediaStreamTrack;
    transceiver: RTCRtpTransceiver;
    type: string;
    composedPath(): EventTarget[];
    initEvent(type, bubbles?, cancelable?): void;
    preventDefault(): void;
    stopImmediatePropagation(): void;
    stopPropagation(): void;


  • Event
    • RTCTrackEvent


AT_TARGET: number
NONE: number
bubbles: boolean

Returns true or false depending on how event was initialized. True if event goes through its target's ancestors in reverse tree order, and false otherwise.

cancelBubble: boolean


cancelable: boolean

Returns true or false depending on how event was initialized. Its return value does not always carry meaning, but true can indicate that part of the operation during which event was dispatched, can be canceled by invoking the preventDefault() method.

composed: boolean

Returns true or false depending on how event was initialized. True if event invokes listeners past a ShadowRoot node that is the root of its target, and false otherwise.

currentTarget: null | EventTarget

Returns the object whose event listener's callback is currently being invoked.

defaultPrevented: boolean

Returns true if preventDefault() was invoked successfully to indicate cancelation, and false otherwise.

eventPhase: number

Returns the event's phase, which is one of NONE, CAPTURING_PHASE, AT_TARGET, and BUBBLING_PHASE.

isTrusted: boolean

Returns true if event was dispatched by the user agent, and false otherwise.

receiver: RTCRtpReceiver
returnValue: boolean


srcElement: null | EventTarget


streams: readonly MediaStream[]
target: null | EventTarget

Returns the object to which event is dispatched (its target).

timeStamp: number

Returns the event's timestamp as the number of milliseconds measured relative to the time origin.

transceiver: RTCRtpTransceiver
type: string

Returns the type of event, e.g. "click", "hashchange", or "submit".


  • Returns the invocation target objects of event's path (objects on which listeners will be invoked), except for any nodes in shadow trees of which the shadow root's mode is "closed" that are not reachable from event's currentTarget.

    Returns EventTarget[]

  • Parameters

    • type: string
    • Optional bubbles: boolean
    • Optional cancelable: boolean

    Returns void


  • If invoked when the cancelable attribute value is true, and while executing a listener for the event with passive set to false, signals to the operation that caused event to be dispatched that it needs to be canceled.

    Returns void

  • Invoking this method prevents event from reaching any registered event listeners after the current one finishes running and, when dispatched in a tree, also prevents event from reaching any other objects.

    Returns void

  • When dispatched in a tree, invoking this method prevents event from reaching any objects other than the current object.

    Returns void

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