The RTCIceCandidate interface—part of the WebRTC API—represents a candidate Internet Connectivity Establishment (ICE) configuration which may be used to establish an RTCPeerConnection.

interface RTCIceCandidate {
    address: null | string;
    candidate: string;
    component: null | RTCIceComponent;
    foundation: null | string;
    port: null | number;
    priority: null | number;
    protocol: null | RTCIceProtocol;
    relatedAddress: null | string;
    relatedPort: null | number;
    sdpMLineIndex: null | number;
    sdpMid: null | string;
    tcpType: null | RTCIceTcpCandidateType;
    type: null | RTCIceCandidateType;
    usernameFragment: null | string;
    toJSON(): RTCIceCandidateInit;


address: null | string
candidate: string
component: null | RTCIceComponent
foundation: null | string
port: null | number
priority: null | number
protocol: null | RTCIceProtocol
relatedAddress: null | string
relatedPort: null | number
sdpMLineIndex: null | number
sdpMid: null | string
tcpType: null | RTCIceTcpCandidateType
type: null | RTCIceCandidateType
usernameFragment: null | string


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