In the following code snippet, we make a request to open a database, and include handlers for the success and error cases. For a full working example, see our To-do Notifications app (view example live.)

interface IDBFactory {
    cmp(first, second): number;
    databases(): Promise<IDBDatabaseInfo[]>;
    deleteDatabase(name): IDBOpenDBRequest;
    open(name, version?): IDBOpenDBRequest;


  • Compares two values as keys. Returns -1 if key1 precedes key2, 1 if key2 precedes key1, and 0 if the keys are equal.

    Throws a "DataError" DOMException if either input is not a valid key.


    • first: any
    • second: any

    Returns number

  • Attempts to delete the named database. If the database already exists and there are open connections that don't close in response to a versionchange event, the request will be blocked until all they close. If the request is successful request's result will be null.


    • name: string

    Returns IDBOpenDBRequest

  • Attempts to open a connection to the named database with the current version, or 1 if it does not already exist. If the request is successful request's result will be the connection.


    • name: string
    • Optional version: number

    Returns IDBOpenDBRequest

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