Make all properties in T optional

interface AgentOptions {
    autoSelectFamily?: boolean;
    autoSelectFamilyAttemptTimeout?: number;
    family?: number;
    hints?: number;
    host?: string;
    keepAlive?: boolean;
    keepAliveInitialDelay?: number;
    keepAliveMsecs?: number;
    localAddress?: string;
    localPort?: number;
    lookup?: LookupFunction;
    maxFreeSockets?: number;
    maxSockets?: number;
    maxTotalSockets?: number;
    noDelay?: boolean;
    onread?: OnReadOpts;
    port?: number;
    scheduling?: "fifo" | "lifo";
    timeout?: number;

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autoSelectFamily?: boolean



autoSelectFamilyAttemptTimeout?: number



family?: number
hints?: number
host?: string
keepAlive?: boolean

Keep sockets around in a pool to be used by other requests in the future. Default = false

keepAliveInitialDelay?: number
keepAliveMsecs?: number

When using HTTP KeepAlive, how often to send TCP KeepAlive packets over sockets being kept alive. Default = 1000. Only relevant if keepAlive is set to true.

localAddress?: string
localPort?: number
maxFreeSockets?: number

Maximum number of sockets to leave open in a free state. Only relevant if keepAlive is set to true. Default = 256.

maxSockets?: number

Maximum number of sockets to allow per host. Default for Node 0.10 is 5, default for Node 0.12 is Infinity

maxTotalSockets?: number

Maximum number of sockets allowed for all hosts in total. Each request will use a new socket until the maximum is reached. Default: Infinity.

noDelay?: boolean
onread?: OnReadOpts

If specified, incoming data is stored in a single buffer and passed to the supplied callback when data arrives on the socket. Note: this will cause the streaming functionality to not provide any data, however events like 'error', 'end', and 'close' will still be emitted as normal and methods like pause() and resume() will also behave as expected.

port?: number
scheduling?: "fifo" | "lifo"

Scheduling strategy to apply when picking the next free socket to use.



timeout?: number

Socket timeout in milliseconds. This will set the timeout after the socket is connected.

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